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Sunday, January 08, 2006


I had written about half of a long update when Safari decided to summon the spinning rainbow pinwheel of death and freeze, and it was lost. I am too tired to try and recreate it. It pisses me off when things like this happen (Gmail, I must say, is wonderful in this respect. Auto-save drafts. Rock).
I was going to write all about my thoughts on the new year, and how, despite my constantly professing that it meant nothing to me, I did feel a little thoughtful and a little like reflecting on things and asking what the hell I really believed. And all I could come up with was this:
New Years' is a tool, like anything else. Being the globally sanctioned day of beginning again, turning over a new leaf, etc., it is useful if you need an excuse to do that. But I just cannot emphasize enough: each day is new, and practice and consistency outweigh any one day's actions or decisions or resolutions.
Mark Morford recently wrote a column which captures the essence of what I feel about the whole New Years' thing (I highly recommend reading his blog in general, he is insightful and hilarious and wonderfully wordy).
For my part, I have been extremely productive so far. Ryan and I have recorded three songs, fueled by red wine and candlelight. I am meditating again, and thinking and writing more. These are things I was doing before the new year, and ones I want to keep doing. The resolution, then, is to simply continue. I know where I want to go and what I want to do.
Each day is new. Each day there must be new resolve and new determination. If it helps you to have a special day for it, so be it.
Whatever helps you along your way.
I'll raise a glass to that.

p.s. Here's a song to kick your ass into gear, if you need it.

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