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Saturday, October 21, 2006

One Week, No Shaving

I didn't wear socks, but still had bad dreams. With the blinds down it felt like 6am. I was grateful to have hours until I had to rise.
Some days it's sad music. The desperate, forced attempts at misery. Some days it's as simple as chopping 35 yellow onions for the evenings' meals. Your body doesn't know the difference as long as the tears are there. Between you and me, I prefer the onions.
A shower and cracking open the window transform the world. A hermitage becomes a playground. Outside, children shrieking like they're being murdered race around swing sets, and it is a terminally beautiful day.


  1. Well, the plight of onions, man... how can you not be moved?

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  3. Dude! Why are you not shaving?

    Hey, want to come over for dinner soon?

  4. Hey. You can't ignore me. We're related. :p

    The little sis is coming into town tomorrow. We are going to carve up some pumpkins this weekend at Janice's if you are at all interested. There will likely be wine involved, as well as roasted pumpkin seeds.

    Let me know if you want a ride over.