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Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Skin for the Old Ceremony

I am told it takes 21 days to form a habit. Something about training your body, tests confirm, etc. After a little bit of Googling, I will take the word of the friend who told me about this over any of those sites I found. The theory is intriguing either way.
My past attempts at discipline were generally short-lived, perhaps why none of them took. I flare up with the initial burst of determination, and then a few days later it's all gone to shit again. I really have nothing to lose. As the saying goes, how old are you going to be if you don't give this little theory a trial run? Yeah yeah. I know.
Inertia is still alive and well. Many moments of the past weeks have been lingering in my mind, calling out "Blog me! Blog me!" S sent me a wonderful cartoon a few weeks back that illustrated this perfectly. I'll link to it when I can find it. Something about Living to Blog. Ah yes, here it is:

It's frightening. It seems near impossible to avoid the urge, near impossible to counter. I could revolt and swear off my computer entirely, as the characters do. Throw myself into the world, and L-I-V-E, as Maude would say. But how long would it take to shake the urge to simply record my life for later documentation? How long before I stopped thinking, this would make a fantastic blog? 21 days?
I do try, more and more, to remove myself from the technological world. Playing LPs rather than plugging in the iPod. Putting the computer away when I'm not using it. Lighting candles. And so on. But it does nothing to loosen the grip the technological world has over me. What can I do when even my best effort becomes impure in its heart? But I digress.
It is a beautiful spring day. It is also Free Comic Book Day, for those of you who don't have to be off to work in a few hours. Maybe you'll find the newest episode of Fables, a clever and imaginative update of all the old stories. Who knew Goldilocks was such a bitch?
The chives on my windowsill are a good inch or so out of the soil. Being the first things I've really ever grown in my home, I'm quite fond of them. Their presence makes a huge difference to the feel of the place, and is one more strike against that black hole of amorphous electronic oblivion I feel myself ever falling into.
And now, armed only with my trusty Field Notes memo book and a copy of The Elements of Style, I dive back into the trenches. Godspeed!


  1. Danny Gregory spoke on this, something like when you journal you tend to have a greater appreciation for all the little things.

    And thinking about blogging while you're traveling the ends of the earth is means you find inspiration in everything!

  2. You'll find your balance between technology and rustic wholesomeness when you stop fighting it. Pushing yourself to do less of this and that is only going to make you angry when you find yourself regressing. So, plant more seeds in your window, turn on your stereo, and write a blog. It's what you are good at, and pushing yourself to change that is crazy. Rather then trying to drop old abilities and habits, try to pick up new ones.

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  4. Let me get this straight - one of your greatest aspirations is to become a better writer, and you feel guilty for wanting to write? Some of the greatest writers' most enlightening and interesting thoughts came from their published journals, thoughts tossed off quickly. You should be pleased at how easy it is to produce and publish your thoughts. Sure, go out and live, adjust the time you spend doing it if you feel you must, but don't feel guilty about spending the time to chronicle your thoughts and feelings.

  5. Former-roommate-Dave S. here, by the way, since I didn't sign the comment above.