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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Three by Three All Day!

I'm a little late with this (y'know, with the whole Bu thing takin' up the majority of my time), but I assure you I did in fact draw all these on the Third (okay, the last one was begun around 11:15 and finished around 12:30, but hey, I had to wait for Pat Benatar for finishing inspiration). At any rate, I'm sorry for the delay.
Here are my contributions for this month's 3-on-the-3rd:

Also, in case you didn't know, Lindsey and Sanguinity have made a whole entire website dedicated to this comic adventure. You should totally check it out.



  1. They are so good! But that middle one is BOSS!

  2. Yes! But I like the first one even better.

    The 3x3 idea is sweet and came out great!

    Technically I didn't make the website, though. I helped Sanguinity make the website.

  3. loving these Dave-- and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the second one. The look of it is so great.