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Sunday, November 20, 2005

In Which I Dig In My Heels

Following suit from my Nano friend Lindsey, I thought a post beginning with "In Which" was in order.
This past morning I cranked out another 2,000 words on my novel, which finally brought me up to speed on the whole thing. No more being a few days behind, I was now On Schedule. I left work feeling great, and went to bed quite satisfied and ready to coast down the hill of the next week and half with ease.
Naturally, this prompted the universe to throw my plans into total disarray.
When I awoke today, I found, upon waking up my compy, that it was snow crashing and freezing and generally not functioning too well at all. I could barely look at it without panicking. This exact problem has occurred before, something to do with faulty interface design in a certain series of iBooks. I had had to send it off to Mac the time past. All I knew in that instant was that I was in no shape to deal with it, having just woken up. I hastened to the kitchen in my bathrobe to make some coffee, and talked to my roommate about the problem. With his calming advice and the coffee to kick my defenses up a bit, I was able to relax relatively quickly, and begin to think constructively about it all. First, the all-important thing: I had backed up my entire novel thus-far only the night before, so none of it was lost.
The next step was to call Apple and see what could be done. The tech on the phone was wonderfully patient as i ineptly tried to remove the keyboard with my nonexistant fingernails, so I could tell him the computer's serial number; I simply couldn't manage it. We began talking about my taking it to a Mac shop in town, but it was at this point that my housemate again saved the day by popping the keyboard loose through the MacGyveresque use of a bobby pin. Able to proceed with the necessary information, we established that my computer had a 3-year warranty coverage for such problems. But how long had it been since it was purchased? I was not sure, I bought it used from a friend. He clicked a few buttons, and then told me.
Three years and two days.
After a bit more discussion he agreed to try and slip me into the coverage despite it technically having expired. We worked out that they would send DHL by with a box, and I could simply mail the computer off to be fixed.
The tech support at Apple is truly some of the most wondrous and helpful I have ever encountered. Honestly.
And now that all is set in motion, I am left only with this obstacle: to continue to work on the novel without my computer for at least the next week. I have limited access to my roommate's Powerbook, but for the most part it is going to mean handwriting the fucker. Not something I look forward to; but I've come this far, I'm not going to let something like this slow me down.
Which brings me to my current feeling of satisfaction. It was a shitty day, yes, and the timing is simply awful; but I held together far better than I might've and did not lose my shit and got real proactive real quick.
This is good.
This is progress.
There may be hope for me yet.

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