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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

So I had a very full, very busy Third. I've been working on my comics most of the day, though I did take a break to ride out to Guapo Comics for Free Comic Book Day. After that I went straight to a show at the Wonder Ballroom, and when I got home I got right back to work. I am really happy with how these comics turned out, but because of the extra detail, they took me a good deal longer than they did last time.
Long story short, it's now past 2am and I've got two out of three finished. The third one exists as a rough draft, I just need to knock out the final version. Does this count, Ye Overlords of Three on the Third? I swear I will get the last one done tomorrow. I'm just beat and I am pretty sure I've reached the point of diminishing returns with my drawing.

So, begging your forgiveness, here are the two I've got so far:

UPDATE: Here it is. Sorry for the delay.


  1. Yay for the Story of Breakfast! I love your comic-self. He's just as cute as the original. ;)

  2. I did NOT need to know that breakfast exists. Not, not, not.

    Also: Hanon! Lots of buttons you don't use!

  3. Fun! Hey, I really like this drawing style. Do you feel like it's "you" or yet another tribute/pastiche?

  4. How cute! I like it when breakfast is a happy time.

  5. Yay for comics!

    Pine Street Biscuits is always too busy for us weekday slaves. *sniffle*

    And I must echo Easy Writer ... comic you is adorable! It makes me want to squish the real you! *squish*